January 2018, I know more than ever that I made the right choice. E-commerce enthusiast and D2C-company passionate, I’m Chief Marketing Officer at Lovebox. I define myself as an e-commerce specialist, with skills ranging from online marketing to the actual implementation of an e-commerce site, from acquisition to online sales performance management and from strategy development right up to its execution!

In 2017, still a student, almost graduated and disappointed from my last 3 experiences with large companies, I created the blog ‘A la conquête des Startups’ (Conquering Startups) to tell my story. The story of a girl who took the royal road of Business Schools to work with large companies but 1 – didn’t recognize herself in these aging organizations; 2 – didn’t know enough to join a Startup in Marketing.

Conquering Startups: I then trained myself with this blog, to become a Growth Manager in one of these startups.
A few months later, and after following the Wagon’s intensive coding Bootcamp, I meet the Lovebox team and leave in January 2018 for San Francisco, to start my career with them. I learn from all the people I meet, discover a lot and every week I try some enriching experiments.

Today, in my free time, I love talking about Green Living, Batch Cooking and DIY on Green Peach, my guilt-free Instagram account, explaining how to head towards a healthy and ecological way of life, at your own pace.